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2021 Weekday Education

Online Conference was held July 20, 2021

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Was Live Streamed July 20, 2021

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Sing Your Way Through Your Day!
Jean Thomason

When you SING YOUR WAY THROUGH YOUR DAY, You will find the atmosphere in your home, school is sweeter and calmer. You will find children more willing to get the “jobs” done. And you will find yourself quicker to thank and praise God.

Making This Year the Best Year
Jean Thomason, Miss Pattycake

Autism 101
Tonya Hayes

Participants will learn about the characteristics of autism and how to identify behaviors that are present in a person who is on the spectrum. This class will include a case study of a boy with autism from 15 months to 4 years of age and how strategies implemented helped him progress and begin to use words, play and follow instructions. 

Speech and Language Development
Tonya Hayes

Participants will engage in activities and learn milestones of language development and expressive speech. Having basic knowledge of development will aid in early identification of children who should be referred to early intervention.

Incorporating Play in Early Learning
Leigh Corley

We will address ideas for parents and caregivers on how to provide a nurturing environment in the home and for transitional times with life activities. Also, we will discuss how to set our children up to succeed and how to have these hard conversations with parents.

Environmental Print: Using Everyday Print to Support Early Literacy
Jen Goncalves

In this interactive session, educators will learn how to utilize the print children see in everyday life to build literacy skills. From stop signs, Starbucks and CFA logos, they can all be used to motivate young children in their literacy development.

Celebrating Diversity in the Classroom
Jen Goncalves

Let’s look at children’s books, games and hands on activities that can be used to foster an appreciation for diversity. Learn how to celebrate and recognize the uniqueness of each child in your classroom.

Movement is a Powerful Communicator
Ella Mack

Movement is an important part of the day. It’s an important time of learning and brain development for children in preparation for the rest of their education. Playing music and moving to a beat provides stimulating experiences for young children and fosters learning in the classroom.

Developing Positive Relationships Through Communication
Ella Mack

Let’s learn why communication is so important to relationships. We’ll also look at how to effectively use the five key factors in assertive communication.

Picturing Your Best as a Teacher
Tony Rankin

See it when you wake up and when you have your cup of coffee. Feel it when you drive to your room and even when you walk in the door. Know it when you are with your children and when you see the room and facility in the rear view mirror every day…know it…feel it…. Picture yourself as the best teacher.

Parents Need the Little Things From You
Tony Rankin

What you do during the day with children is important and what you do and say to the parent before they leave the child and when they pick them up is more impacting that you realize.

Helping Preschoolers Really See the Bible
Klista Storts

Spiritual development can start even with the youngest of preschoolers. Help kids grow in Biblical knowledge, skills and application in age appropriate ways. We’ll discuss how they learn as they grow and share some fun ways to teach these early learners.

I Love to Tell the Story
Klista Storts

Make your Bible time more exciting as you help Bible stories come alive for your preschoolers. As kids are involved in the stories, they’ll understand better how the Bible applies to their lives today.

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