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Continue the learning fun with access to 16 hours of weekday conference content from our 2020 Church Weekday conference. You’ll be able to listen to a variety of conference leaders in your own setting with plenty of time to pause, rewind and take notes. It’s a great way to continue learning from different content areas long after the conference is over. Conference content is available from the sessions listed below.

Music! Bridging the Gap
Amber Stephens

Whatever the gap whether academic, social, motor or communication; music can help all our kids connect the dots. You don’t have to be musical to use music as a tool for teaching. Come and learn how to make a “joyful noise” as you bridge all the skills under a musical umbrella!

What Would Mr. Rogers Do? How to Build Relationships with Young Children
Allison Clarke

The relationship between a child and his or her teacher is the foundation for how that child will respond to redirection, instruction, and any type of classroom behavior management system. This session will talk about the importance of the student/teacher bond and give tips on how to build meaningful and productive relationships with your students.

Every Day with Jesus!
Amber Stephens

What a better world we would have if we all spent more time with Jesus! Come and let me teach you songs to use throughout the school year to plant Jesus into the hearts of our precious preschoolers. Singing His word and learning His promises will build up a mighty army for the Lord. You don’t have to be able to sing to enjoy and learn from music. We will move, sign and sing through some oldies made new!

Making Every Moment Count: Teaching Social Skills During Small Group Activities
Allison Clarke

Preschool teachers are tasked with preparing their students for kindergarten; this includes teaching students how to be good friends and communicators. This session will give tips and ideas on how to extend small group activities to teach and practice social skills. These strategies will be most helpful for teachers of 3- and 4- year old students.

Phonemic Fun at Transition Times
Angela Yount

Transitions can feel like wasted teaching time but they don’t have to. Come learn how to incorporate crucial phonemic awareness skills into those long transition times so your students stay engaged and learning can continue throughout your day.

Anxiety: Yours, Mine, & Ours
Jenn Vann

With social boundaries and expectations changing almost daily, understanding your own anxiety, the anxiety of children & parents, and how to manage is essential. This presentation will help preschool teachers learn some personal coping skills, as well as some ideas for helping children and parents manage theirs.

It’s All Fun and Games: Intentional Game Play in Learning
Angela Yount

Being intentional with your games and activities can lead to lots of learning in your classroom and less stress for you as a teacher. We will learn how to use simple games to teach concepts across your curriculum.

Speech and Language: What a Teacher Needs to Know
Tanya Akins

The course offers basic speech and language milestones, how they affect classroom performance, and when to refer a student to a Speech Language Pathologist. Strategies to help in the classroom are discussed. Areas covered are primarily articulation and language. Fluency (stuttering) and voice will also be addressed.

Behavior Management
Caitlin Felps

The sign of a truly great teacher isn’t the child’s behavior, but the teacher’s behavior.” Join us as we delve into the topic of behavior management and how to teach and craft your classroom into one that helps encourage the behaviors we want and extinguish the behaviors we do not want.

Is the Shoe Pink or Gray? Using Brain Science to Boost Learning
Caitlin Felps

Learn about the right-brain and left-brain balance as applied to teaching and learning. Come join us for discussions on how to use the knowledge we know about the brain that will lead to more effective teaching.

Creating Playful, Welcoming Environments for Preschoolers
Janet Strickland

Whether it’s two or three year olds nervously attending school for the first time or four and five year olds preparing for “big” school, it is our responsibility to provide a welcoming, developmentally appropriate environment that will ensure their success. In this session, we will discuss safe and effective classroom spaces, relationship building and the power of play in early education.

Turn Those Wiggles Into Giggles
Cathy Mercier

In this class, we will learn how to make transition time positively fun! We will also discuss how children react differently to transition. Learn how to encourage and motivate the preschool child to move from one activity to the next activity.

Simple Science for Little Scientists
Mary DePass

Make the most of your child’s natural curiosity as they explore God’s world. There are many simple science activities that you can do with preschoolers to help teach Bible truths. Zoom in to some simple science distance learning.

Smile All The Way To A Successful Circle Time!
Cathy Mercier

In this class we will discuss how to provide an interactive learning experience for the preschool child. We will discuss the structure of circle time for different ages and share ideas for finger plays and games that can be used in circle time. We will share ideas that will keep you and the children smiling all the way to a successful.

Sharing Jesus throughout the Preschool Day
Dede Reilly

Teaching the Bible throughout the day is a challenge for us all but come and hear how to be intentional in sharing your faith with preschoolers from setting your schedule, preparing your lesson plans, using storytelling props, and home-to-school communication. Faith formation is not just church-based or home-based, but as-we-go-based.

Preschoolers and Humor: What’s so Funny?
Dede Reilly

Humor is what makes something funny; a sense of humor is the ability to recognize it. Humor is a form of play—intellectual, physical, and language play. A healthy sense of humor is actually a learned quality which can be developed in kids. Let’s promote and nurture the development of a healthy sense of humor in preschoolers.

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